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International STEAM Research to hire over 10,000 Engineers and Teachers

International STEAM Research (ISR) is in the process of hiring over 10,000 engineers and teachers across India.

The objective is to strengthen quality education through inclusive, integrative, and self-determined learning through higher-order thinking and invention literacy in order to ignite minds and build problem solvers and researchers for a sustainable world.

With the support of cutting-edge technologies and in accordance with the National Education Policy of India (NEP-2020) and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDG), ISR equips schools to offer their students Experiential Learning based on Science and Technology through the use of Engineering and Artistic processes.

ISR L.I.F.E (Life-Long Innovation & Futuristic Education), awarded as one of India’s top 10 education brands in 2022, is recognized as a reliable knowledge partner for experiential STEAM education by a number of reputable schools and a large number of highly regarded and well-known educationists. 

I.S.R. is a unique education service provider in India, now operating throughout more than 10 states. 

Well-trained and disciplined STEAM engineers and teachers are essential for providing high-quality Experiential STEAM education in the classrooms of educational institutions using cutting-edge technologies like Robots, Drones, AI, AR, VR, IoT, Applied Coding, etc.

Although engineering and teachers are invited to participate in the ISR STEAM ecosystem, not all job applicants would have the grit to make it through the ISR’s cutting-edge selection and training process. 

ISR STEAM laboratories, also known as the “Happy Zone,” offer an environment where students can actively engage in learning rather than relying only on passive memorization. Helping children connect with and experience the real world and their textbook topics, it encourages invention literacy. The different prototypes a learner would create in an ISR “Happy Zone” enhance comprehending its applications and concepts pertinent to the real-world problems and potential solutions in an intentional and heutagogical approach.

The ISR 7Es framework is used by ISR-trained STEAM facilitators for all activities within a “Happy Zone,” and ISR CRM 360 rubrics are used to evaluate results. With the help of this methodology, a school can perform experiential learning in a classroom while having all of its concerns fully and sustainably addressed by ISR.

“Schools play the vital role of holistically preparing learners for an unknown future job market. However, with the inevitable exponential growth of technology, schools can help students become future-ready by helping them think by indulging in experiential learning, with a hands-on methodology and sharpening their metacognitive skills for the 21st Century,” says Dr George Panicker, Founder and CEO of International STEAM Research.

Although STEM, STEAM, Robotics, coding, etc., are buzzwords widely used in India, it is crucial that educational institutions collaborate with the right team of experts to integrate them into the classrooms in order to maintain the highest ethical and sustainable standards.

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