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Instagram introduces new feature to help users restore access to accounts

Instagram has introduced a new “hacked” hub feature that can help with account access problems.

“To support accounts that are experiencing access issues or may have been hacked, we have created a new, comprehensive destination people can rely on to report and resolve account access issues,” the platform said in its blog.

Users can use the feature to solve a variety of account access problems. The new feature may be useful when an account has been hacked, and the user has lost access to two-factor authentication, forgotten their password, or had their account disabled.

The social media company has also launched a new function that allows two of your Instagram friends to confirm your identity so you can get back into your account if it has been disabled.

“We want to ensure people have multiple options to get their accounts back if they lose access,” the blog reads.

With this new feature, Instagram is also opening up access to a feature that can offer users various options to restore access to their account if they lose it.

Instagram has also said that it is testing strategies to help prevent Instagram hacking before it occurs.

“First, we remove accounts that our automated systems find to be malicious, including ones that impersonate others, which goes against our community guidelines. Second, because bad actors often don’t immediately use accounts maliciously, we’re now testing sending warnings if an account that we suspect may be impersonating someone requests to follow you,” the company said in the blog.

In the coming months, it will also issue warnings whenever an account sends a direct message (DM) that appears to be from a business.

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