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Inflection Point Ventures collaborates with IIT-Madras for startup investing

Inflection Point Ventures, an angel investor, and the IIT-Madras alumni association have partnered to spread awareness about startup investing. IPV will organize curated masterclasses, knowledge sessions, and meet-ups with investors to educate alumni about investing in startups and introduce them to this new field as an asset class.

The partnership will also make it easier for interested IIT alumni to connect with startups founded by fellow IIT alums.

“At IPV, we believe that startup investment has the potential to emerge as a long-term wealth creation asset class. While we have one of the largest investor networks of seasoned professionals, through alumni partnerships like IITMAA, we are keen to bring the benefits, pros and cons of startup investing to a younger audience and we hope to introduce them to our vast network and domain expertise built over the years,” said Ankur Mittal, Co-founder of Inflection Point Ventures.

The partnership between IPV and IITMAA aims to facilitate professional networking between alumni, professors, and current students to foster mutual benefits in academic, professional, and business fields. It includes creating an “Employment Network” to help new graduates, alumni seeking career advancements or changes, and those laid off.

“IITMAA has collaborated with IPV to engage its alums who would be looking forward to learning more about startup investing and build a robust Start-Up ecosystem for IITM Alumni Startups. The collaboration will enable IPV to share their knowledge and expertise with us, to improve startup & investor experiences and ensure future growth,” said Nishani Manohar, Executive Director of IITMAA.

As part of the partnership, IPV helps IITMAA alumni connect with and interact with other alumni who are already a part of IPV’s investor community. In return, IITMAA will make IPV available to its global chapters and organize in-person events like fish market events where alumni can showcase their start-ups and businesses to the IIT community. At these events, IPV will be invited as a partner for knowledge sharing, investment, and speaking engagements to promote startup and angel investing.

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