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IIT-Incubated Moseta launches India-made solar lithium inverter for homes and industry

New Delhi, 23rd November 2023 -An IIT-incubated solar energy dedicated company Moseta India which is headquartered in Pune has announced the commencement of production for their groundbreaking product, the solar lithium power wall low-hybrid inverter. This innovative product is designed for both residential and industrial applications.

What sets MoSeta’s solar lithium power wall low-hybrid inverter apart is its commitment towards making a significant stride towards sustainable and clean energy solutions. Every part of the inverter is manufactured in India. This unique product is currently produced in capacities up to 100 kilos. By harvesting energy from solar panels and storing it in a fixed lithium battery, MoSeta’s innovation enables a reliable and consistent power supply for households, reducing dependency on urban electricity and subsequently lowering electricity bills. Solar energy is a pivotal source of renewable energy globally and it has found a new champion in MoSeta’s hybrid inverter. As solar panels harness the sun’s energy, the low-hybrid inverter plays a crucial role in optimizing and storing this energy efficiently.

Ashutosh Verma, the Founder of Moseta India says, “There is a need to increase awareness about solar lithium power wall low hybrid inverters in relation to energy and the environment. It should be promoted, and customers should be encouraged to use it without any harm. It is an effective alternative for solar energy that we need to adopt so that we can leave a clean and developed Earth for future generations.”

Apart from this, the use of this hybrid inverter has the potential to create new job opportunities for local businesses and employees which in turn will contribute to the overall growth of the community. MoSeta India invites consumers, businesses, and policymakers to explore the possibilities presented by their solar lithium power wall low-hybrid inverter, as they continue to push the boundaries of sustainable energy solutions.

About Moseta India

Moseta is a pioneering renewable energy company which incubated at the India Institute of Technology (IIT) is focused on developing innovative solutions for a sustainable future. With a commitment to producing cutting-edge technology within India’s borders, MoSeta is contributing to both environmental conservation and economic development.

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