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IBM to launch GenAI Innovation Center in Kochi

Tech giant IBM has announced the launch of their GenAI Innovation Center in Kochi, India. This center is designed to be a hub for businesses of all sizes, from established enterprises to budding startups, to explore and develop the latest generative AI technology. IBM says the GenAI Innovation Center will not only accelerate advancements in AI but also boost productivity and solidify India’s expertise in generative AI.

“As organizations transition from AI experimentation to deployment for adding business value, they often find AI projects too complex or difficult to integrate due to limited skills or expertise,” it said. 

IBM will provide access to their expert staff and powerful technologies designed to help organizations build, scale, and effectively implement enterprise-grade AI solutions.

This center is built on a cutting-edge foundation. It utilizes InstructLab, a new technology co-developed by IBM and Red Hat, which allows businesses to customize AI models using their data. Additionally, the centre will leverage IBM’s robust AI and data platform, Watson, and AI assistant technologies to provide a comprehensive suite of tools.

The GenAI Innovation Center will be a part of the IBM India Software Lab in Kochi and will be managed by IBM’s technical experts. 

“With access to the latest in generative AI technology, LLMs, case studies, and IBM experts, the centre will nurture a community focused on harnessing the power of generative AI to address societal and business challenges ranging from sustainability, public infrastructure, healthcare education, and inclusion,” IBM said.

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