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Honeywell launches cloud-based digital twin for efficient and secure up-to-date testing

Honeywell introduced its new Honeywell Digital Prime solution, a cloud-based digital twin for tracking, managing, and testing process control changes and system modifications. With the help of Digital Prime, users can test more frequently and with greater accuracy, which lowers the cost of reactive maintenance overall. 

Digital Prime provides the highest quality control level through an effective and team-based method for managing changes, running factory acceptance tests, and improving project execution and training without interfering with the production system. Companies in sectors like Oil & Gas, sheet manufacturing, and chemicals can use the platform to test modifications during planned shutdown periods to reduce rework.

Most solutions are not up to date to match live operations, require specialized hardware, and are vulnerable to security breaches. To overcome these difficulties, Digital Prime offers a “lab system as a service” that automatically updates to reflect changes in the production environment and provides a dependable digital twin.

Digital Prime is a collaborative ecosystem with secure cloud-based connectivity, a virtual engineering platform, and built-in security protection. Through its subscription service, the digital ecosystem is accessible to users worldwide using multi-factor authentication, allowing the customers to standardize across the enterprise.

“Honeywell Digital Prime will set a new standard for the future of digital twins with its instant access to a continuously updated, safe platform for monitoring and testing operations,” said Pramesh Maheshwari, President of Honeywell Process Solutions.

Honeywell India engineers were involved in ideating, conceptualizing, and developing the cloud-based digital twin solution. The engineering team worked efficiently and swiftly, collaborating with the local and global business teams on concept development, field pilot deployment, and transforming it into a service that caters to future demands.

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