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Google Chrome introduces a new logo

The Google Chrome logo has been redesigned. The logo appears to have brighter colors and a larger blue circle in the center (if you look closely). In addition, unlike the old icon, the new one lacks shadows. After an eight-year gap, Google Chrome’s logo has been updated. 

In 2008, the browser was released. The logo’s style and core parts have stayed unchanged since then, with updates in 2011 and 2014. 

In a series of tweets, Chrome designer Elvin Hu described the changes to the browser’s logo. “Some of you might have noticed a new icon in Chrome’s Canary update today. Yes! we’re refreshing Chrome’s brand icons for the first time in 8 years. The new icons will start to appear across your devices soon,” he wrote in a tweet.

“We simplified the main brand icon by removing the shadows, refining the proportions and brightening the colours, to align with Google’s more modern brand expression,” he further added.

Another enhancement made by the corporation is the ability to customize Windows, Mac, and iOS devices based on their operating systems. Chrome’s symbol on Windows 10 and 11 will have a gradated appearance that blends with other taskbar icons. The icon on macOS will be 3D, similar to Apple’s system programs. 

The beta app for iOS will have a blueprint-like symbol as a reference to Apple’s developer-focused apps, and the Stable app icon will have new proportions on the tile. At the same time, it uses brighter colors and no different gradients on ChromeOS.

All these changes, Hu said, are being introduced to “align with Google’s more modern brand expression. “You might ask, “why bother with sth. so subtle?” We tailor Chrome’s experience to each OS, with features like Native Window Occlusion on Windows, day-one M1 support on macOS, Widgets on iOS/Android, and Material You on Android. We want our brand to convey the same level of care,” he said.

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