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Freshers’ hiring intent by India Inc rises 61% in HY2: Report

Freshers’ hiring intentions have risen to 61% from July to December 2022, according to the TeamLease EdTech Career Outlook report. This is because employers throughout India are actively seeking new employees due to the accelerated pace of technological and digital improvements. 

According to the report, there has been a more than threefold increase in the share of work opportunities for freshers compared to July to December 2021, and 61% of freshers have expressed a desire to be hired for the current HY. 

In addition, the survey stated that from the start of the second half of 2022, acquiring and retaining talent became a key priority for many top businesses and business leaders.

“There is a substantial increase in job openings for freshers, but many demand updated skills and experience due to the accelerated rate of tech and digital advancements globally. Breaking down the hiring intent thus helps identify the right path for students and corporations equally in the times of talent wars,” TeamLease EdTech founder and CEO Shantanu Rooj said.

The report by TeamLease EdTech Career for HY2 is based on a survey of 865 small, medium and large businesses pan India across sectors.

According to the survey, the top industries that have experienced notable growth in the current HY compared to the same period of 2021 are information technology (34%), e-commerce and technology startups (23%), telecommunication (22%), and engineering industry (20%). 

Similar to this, Bengaluru (25%) has seen an increase in hiring intentions for the current HY, followed by Mumbai (19%) and Delhi (18%), it said.

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