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French Essence unveils its new TVC “You may not be French but you sure can smell like one, It’s very very French”

French Essence, the renowned brand of high-end scents, is poised to redefine elegance with the release of its captivating TVC. This seventy-second work of art transports viewers on a perfumed journey that expertly blends the spirit of France with the allure of India.

French Essence, created with extreme care, embodies France in every drop. The TVC, filmed in the splendor of a palace in Europe, reflects the brand’s dedication to providing a fantastic experience. Even from the comfort of their homes, viewers may go to the flowering fields of France thanks to the lavish backdrop, which wonderfully compliments the essence of French scents.

This television commercial goes beyond visual allure, offering an aromatic journey that transports viewers. As fragrant notes gracefully unfurl, the essence of France and the artistry of master perfumers envelop the senses. The advertisement for French Essence conveys a message that resonates: ‘You may not be French but you sure can smell like one. It’s very very French.’

“French Essence is the epitome of luxury fragrances, embodying the essence of France in every drop. The TVC, shot amidst the grandeur of a palace in Europe, resonates with the brand’s commitment to delivering an experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary. The opulent backdrop perfectly complements the essence of French fragrances, allowing viewers to be transported to the blooming fields of France, even from the comfort of their homes. This TVC isn’t just a visual delight; it’s an olfactory escapade. As the aromatic notes unfold, viewers can immerse themselves in the romance and the craftsmanship of France. French Essence’s TVC serves as an ode to the seamless amalgamation of cultures, fragrances, and the shared elegance of both nations.”- said Nidhi Gupta, CMO of French Essence.

French Essence’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the product. Handpicked ingredients sourced from France and formulations perfected by French fragrance masters create a symphony that adapts gracefully to Indian climatic conditions and diverse skin types. The fragrance evokes a sense of timeless sophistication.

About French Essence

French Essence aligns itself with one of India’s most established and prominent aerosol manufacturers. As a private label entity, the brand is characterized by its embodiment of excellence, churning out over six million units every month. This accomplishment owes itself to the dynamic team of 400+ adept professionals who invest their expertise into every fragrance creation. The journey of French Essence mirrors an unwavering commitment to advancement, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of perfection, ensuring that each product reverberates with an enduring legacy of excellence.

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