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D2C dairy brand Sid’s Farm forays into Bengaluru market

Telangana-based D2C dairy brand Sid’s Farm has entered the Bengaluru market. A logical expansion choice for the brand in a consumer-driven city is Bengaluru, which has an 8 cr+ population and is the third largest in India (25 % urban, > 50 % migrated) and the fourth largest in terms of GDP. The city has enormous potential, given the rising demand for superior-quality dairy products and the increased interest in premium products. 

The products would initially exclusively be available through e-commerce websites, offering milk and common dairy products like paneer, curd, ghee, and butter. Leading e-commerce websites like Milk Basket, Big Basket, Zepto, SuprDaily, and Fresh to Home will offer the products. Customers can select separate cow, buffalo milk, and dairy products from Sid’s Farm’s offerings based on their preferences.

Dr Kishore Indukuri, Founder and MD of Sid’s Farm, said, “We are kicking off our venture by serving our superior quality milk and dairy products only through e-commerce sites and will introduce the same subsequently with niche store partners in Bengaluru. Eventually, we also want to be directly available to our customers at their doorsteps through our app and our own distribution channel too.”

Sid’s Farm is a fresh dairy brand established in Telangana that prioritises product quality over all other considerations. Sid’s Farm strives to offer customers the highest quality milk by working with more than 500 store partners in and around Telangana. Each unit is subjected to 45 tests based on the FSSAI’s (Food Safety and Guidelines Authority of India) legal standards for milk and milk products.

Incidentally, Bengaluru is a consumer market, and Sid’s Farm has the ideal potential to offer customers the best milk and dairy products because there is a shortage of fresh cow and buffalo milk and milk products free from antibiotics, preservatives, and synthetic hormones.

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