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ClearTax unveils its latest Digital Campaign – ‘Next’, taking the tax filing experience to next level with #IdharNahiToKidhar

In preparation for the upcoming tax season, ClearTax, India’s leading online tax filing platform, launched its “Next” digital campaign. This campaign aims to make tax filing a seamless and convenient experience for many individuals and businesses.

The campaign’s tagline, “#IdharNahiToKidhar”, conveys the core message, which translates to “Nowhere Else But Here”. This emphasizes ClearTax’s position as the ideal platform for a stress-free tax filing experience, thanks to its innovative features and user-friendly design.

The centerpiece of the “Next” campaign is a series of four targeted ad films. Each film caters to a specific audience segment, including salaried individuals, those with capital gains, freelancers, and individuals with income from salaries and capital gains. Two of these ad films have already been released.

These ad films showcase the simplicity of filing taxes on the ClearTax platform. The key message revolves around the ease of navigation – users must press “Next” to progress through the process. This highlights ClearTax’s commitment to making tax filing accessible and efficient for everyone.

The “Next” campaign goes beyond just promoting ease of use. ClearTax recognizes the diverse needs of its user base. They’ve created a series of targeted ad films that address the specific challenges salaried individuals face, those with capital gains, freelancers, and people with combined income sources. These ad films showcase features and address use cases relevant to each segment, reinforcing ClearTax’s commitment to a personalized experience.

In addition to the ad films, the firm is introducing “Ask Neha,” a new AI assistant feature. This AI co-pilot guides users through tax filing and provides 24/7 support for tax-related questions. 

The campaign’s humorous tone aims to highlight the ease of access to this AI assistant, further positioning ClearTax as a one-stop shop for all your tax filing needs.

Archit Gupta, Founder, and CEO of ClearTax, said, “While we are committed to revolutionizing the tax filing experience for individuals and businesses across India, with our ‘Next’ campaign, we have taken a solid leap forward in simplifying the process, making it intuitive for every user. Our unique ad films and AI Assistant feature are a testament to our continuous pursuit of innovation, ensuring that tax filing is no longer a dreaded task but a seamless experience. We are confident this campaign will connect well with our users and reinforce ClearTax’s position as the nation’s go-to platform for hassle-free tax filing.”

The “Next” campaign isn’t just about attracting new users. It also serves as a welcome reminder for existing ClearTax customers. The campaign tagline, “Next level ease” and “Next level breeze,” emphasizes the continued improvements made to the platform, ensuring an even smoother tax filing experience. For those new to filing taxes or considering a DIY approach for the first time, the campaign highlights that ClearTax offers a user-friendly platform that can easily and conveniently guide them through the entire process.

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