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Claudia Ciesla honored as the ‘Best Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach’ at the Times Applaud and Inspiring Leaders Awards 2023

Delhi, September 5, 2023 – The prestigious Times Applaud and Inspiring Leaders Awards 2023, held on September 2nd in Mumbai, celebrated the luminaries who have made outstanding contributions to society. Among the honorees was Claudia Ciesla, a renowned actress and nutritionist, who was awarded the ‘Best Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach Award 2023’ in recognition of her tireless efforts to promote healthy living and well-being.

Claudia Ciesla, known for her illustrious career as a model and actress in Poland, Germany, and India, has seamlessly transitioned into the world of nutrition and wellness. Her journey began as she traveled the globe, immersing herself in different cultures and gaining a profound appreciation for the importance of food and nutrition in people’s lives.

“Embrace the transformative power of balanced nutrition, exercise, quality sleep, and emotional well-being. These four pillars hold the key to unlocking boundless energy, confidence, happiness, and satisfaction. Let’s rewrite the narrative around dieting; it should be a positive and enjoyable experience, not one of torture or deprivation. Together, we can create a healthier society by dispelling myths and encouraging permanent, positive changes. Join me in embracing a nutritious and balanced lifestyle, and let’s embark on a transformative journey towards becoming the best versions of ourselves, full of vitality, wellness, and the joy of wholesome living,” Claudia Ciesla said. 

Through her experiences in the film industry, Claudia realized the significance of maintaining a fit and healthy body. This revelation ignited her passion for nutrition, leading her to dedicate countless hours to studying nutrition-related literature, research, and earning a degree in Diet and Nutrition.

One of Claudia’s recent achievements is the launch of her Nutrition Talk Show, ‘Weight & Watch by Claudia,’ available on Tata Play Fitness, D2H, and Dish TV. The show has garnered significant popularity within a short period, further highlighting Claudia’s influence in the nutrition and lifestyle space.

Beyond personal achievement, Claudia Ciesla is committed to empowering and educating others about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Her ultimate goal is to inspire people to abandon fad diets and embrace permanent, positive changes that lead to lasting transformations.

Claudia Ciesla’s unwavering dedication to promoting a healthier society has earned her the ‘Best Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach Award 2023’ at the Times Applaud and Inspiring Leaders Awards. Her work inspires individuals to take control of their well-being and experience the benefits of a balanced and wholesome lifestyle.

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