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Ceipal enhances recruiter productivity with new WhatsApp integration

Ceipal, a top-tier AI-driven talent acquisition and automation platform, is enhancing recruiter productivity with its latest integration with WhatsApp, a free, cross-platform messaging service. This integration allows for real-time engagement with candidates.

Users of the Ceipal applicant tracking system (ATS) can now directly engage with candidates through WhatsApp conversations. This strengthens relationships, enhances efficiency, and accelerates talent attraction.

Ceipal users can set up WhatsApp for candidate contact and automated interview scheduling via ATS. This lets candidates directly accept, reschedule, or decline calendar invites through WhatsApp.

Furthermore, the integration provides an avenue for users to source candidates through Ceipal’s cutting-edge AI technology automatically. It connects with potential candidates by sharing job details through email and WhatsApp messages, effectively engaging top talent from internal databases.

“In order to create remarkable candidate experiences, recruiters and staffing professionals must be able to immediately reach and nurture top talent before the competition,” said Ceipal Founder and CEO Sameer Penakalapati. “By interacting with candidates via instant messaging tools, such as WhatsApp, they can further build out their talent pools and personalize their communication with them. Ceipal’s WhatsApp integration is another solution for recruiters and staffing professionals to streamline their workflows and boost their productivity so they can strengthen their candidate relationships.”

Furthermore, recruiters and staffing experts can employ WhatsApp to distribute GDPR consent requests. This allows candidates to promptly accept or decline these requests through WhatsApp, offering a more streamlined approach to managing their responses.

In addition, Ceipal’s integration of WhatsApp is one facet of its suite of productivity application integrations. These integrations empower users to more efficiently harness their preferred software, enabling recruiters and staffing professionals to conserve valuable time, automate recurring tasks, and strengthen their capacity for business expansion.

Based in Rochester, New York, and with R&D operations in Hyderabad, India, Ceipal offers an AI-driven talent acquisition and automation platform. This platform consolidates data from various sources into a single talent ecosystem. With advanced automation and AI, it efficiently identifies, assesses, engages, hires, and onboards top talent.

Furthermore, Ceipal Procurewise integrates with HR, corporate procurement teams, and MSPs for contingent staffing and vendor management. Consequently, it streamlines the entire talent acquisition process to help high-growth businesses become diverse talent powerhouses.

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