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CBL to further boost tourist footfall in Kerala: tourism secretary

Kerala is counting on the innovative Champions Boat League, which will take place in the southern state later in September, to boost its tourism industry and establish the state as an ideal all-season experiential travel destination, an official said here on Tuesday. The snake boat race competition, which is modelled after the cricket IPL, is being celebrated by the state as a major event that will no doubt attract a significant number of tourists.   

“After posting an impressive surge in domestic tourist footfall, Kerala has gained further traction as a major all-season experiential destination with its innovative products like the IPL-model Champions Boat League (CBL) races helping the southern state to scale up its standing as a highly-preferred tourist hub,” Kerala Tourism secretary K Biju told reporters.

He claimed that the third edition of the annual CBL, which will begin later in September, is anticipated to increase domestic footfalls in all regions of the state.

“Panned out in the backwaters across Kerala, CBL offers a rare visual treat where magnificent snake boats (Chundan Vallam), powered by scores of rowers on each boat, race over the emerald backwaters creating an aura of zest and zeal,” Biju said.

He claimed that current trends show Kerala’s transformation into a glamorous wedding destination.

“With the serene backwaters fringed by swaying palm trees, pristine beaches, the mystic hill stations with sprawling tea plantations, the state has become an ideal place to embark on a new beginning,” Biju said.

The state’s primary attractions, such as its beaches, hill stations, houseboats, and backwaters, will enhance the overall experience of visitors, he added.

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