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Britannia plans 50% women in the workforce by 2024

Britannia Industries, a major FMCG company, stated that it aspires to attain a diversity ratio of 50% by 2024 by increasing the number of women in its workforce. Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Britannia Industries, stated that women presently make up 38% of the company’s workforce. 

“We want to promote gender equality in the company,” he said.

He said the proportion of women in the workforce at Britannia’s Guwahati factory is 60% and will be increased to 65%.

According to Doshi, the company has already established a start-up contest among female entrepreneurs to empower women. 

He said the company offered Rs 10 lakh in seed capital to 30 women entrepreneurs for start-ups in e-commerce, digital services, ophthalmological care via mobile vans, and child education. 

He also mentioned that the company has partnered with Google to provide skill training to women around the country.

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