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Boon collaborates with Oberoi Hotels to reduce plastic wastage and provide sustainable water solutions

Boon, the IoT-enabled global water-tech startup, is delighted to announce a strategic collaboration with the world-renowned Oberoi Hotels, which will help drive sustainable water practices and environmental conservation. Through Boon’s advanced ZeroMileWater™ technology, the partnership aims to deliver safe and clean drinking water by eliminating plastic and water waste.

The Zero Mile Initiative provides a safe and cost-effective circular system for purifying and packaging drinking water in environmentally friendly glass bottles, actively combating the plastic bottle pollution crisis. Hotels and other businesses can use this to implement a zero-mile delivery approach, eliminating the need to transport plastic bottled water over long distances and resulting in significant reductions in harmful fossil fuel emissions.

The new partnership between Boon and Oberoi will support those efforts by setting ambitious environmental conservation goals. The collaboration aims to reduce more than 1500 kg of carbon emissions, which will be a significant step towards a greener future and a more sustainable world.

Sharing her views on the partnership, Dr. Vibha Tripathi, MD of Boon, said, “We, at Boon, are always exploring newer ways to work towards sustainable water management, and our collaboration with Oberoi Hotels is another example of just that. Our revolutionary NetZeroWater™ technology aligns perfectly with Oberoi’s commitment to sustainable tourism and the fight against plastic wastage.”

“We truly feel that the new partnership has all the potential in the world to create a ripple effect and inspire other hospitality establishments to follow suit towards sustainability.” 

Oberoi Hotels has taken significant steps to support sustainable tourism and reduce carbon footprints to promote a positive environmental impact globally. The hotel group uses cloth bags for newspapers, laundry, recycled paper business kits, and greeting cards to replace plastic. Furthermore, their cleaning agents and laundry detergents are biodegradable, and their bathroom amenities are made from natural botanical extracts and Indian herbs. A rainwater harvesting system and a sophisticated Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) also help the hotels save water.  

Boon uses artificial intelligence and IoT to monitor water quality and hydration delivery in sustainable glass bottles, reducing plastic waste in hotel rooms and premises.

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