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Accenture to expand into tier-2 cities for better employee flexibility

Accenture is opening offices in Jaipur and Coimbatore as part of a move to gain access to more talent and provide employees more flexibility in terms of where they want to work. 

Late last year, Accenture issued a note to employees about a new model that would give employees more flexibility regarding where they worked.

“We believe that when it comes to the future of work, there is no “one size fits all,” and our approach to how, when and where we work will vary by business, team, and the type of work our people do. For example, at our Advanced Technology Centres in India, people have the option to choose their own work location from any of the cities where Accenture has a presence,” Accenture said in a statement.

On Accenture’s website, there are presently jobs in Jaipur for finance operations and data collection. “In Jaipur, we are hiring for a variety of in-demand technology skills, in addition to domain and functional experts. A physical office space will be announced soon,” according to the company.

Accenture said, “Our people have also told us that while they value the flexibility provided by virtual working, some-in-person connection time is vital to them, and we are setting up offices in select cities to provide them with work options that fulfil both needs. The new locations will also help strengthen and grow our already rich and diverse talent base.”

Although Accenture has not confirmed Coimbatore, various job portals have listings for BPO and application developers in that location. Accenture employs roughly 2.5 lakh people in India out of a total workforce of 624,000. According to experts, Accenture’s push for additional locations is accelerated by the significant number of resignations that IT firms are experiencing. 

According to Phil Fersht, CEO of HfS Research, the Great Resignation is a three-to-four-year phenomenon and a milestone moment in the history of IT services.

“This is driving the rapid location diversification of service providers, including Accenture. Wage inflation and employee attrition in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru has never been so problematic and is having a worrying knock-on impact on clients and competitive pricing,” Phil Fersht said.

Over the last 20 years, Accenture has made investments in tier-2 cities in Central/Eastern European locations, but he added on a far smaller scale than tier-2 Indian cities. “India is the one global location that offers talent at scale and the pandemic has strengthened its position,” he said.

“The industry is looking at more automation initiatives, cost associated with retaining and training staff, remote working, and ensuring good employee experience. And allowing users to work from the location of their choice is a big factor in enhancing experience,” he said.

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