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Ziyyara: Revolutionizing education with personalized online tutoring and AI integration

Step into the forefront of educational innovation with Ziyyara Edutech, where Ms. Kavita Sharma, Co-founder & CEO, unveils a paradigm shift in online learning. As the world navigates unprecedented challenges in education, Ziyyara emerges as a beacon of transformation, offering personalized one-on-one tuition that transcends traditional boundaries. Join us as we delve into Ms. Sharma’s insights and explore how Ziyyara is redefining the future of education through technology, accessibility, and unwavering dedication to student success.

What sets Ziyyara apart from other e-learning platforms, and what changes has it brought about in the world of education?

Ziyyara distinguishes itself through its commitment to personalized, one-on-one online tuition classes. Unlike traditional e-learning platforms with group classes, Ziyyara tailors learning to individual needs and styles. This, along with flexible scheduling and curriculum support, addresses the limitations of conventional education. Ziyyara has revolutionized education by making it more accessible and learner-centric, breaking down geographical and economic barriers.

With expansion plans in mind, will Ziyyara explore additional revenue streams beyond one-on-one tutoring services?

Ziyyara transcends the boundaries of traditional tutoring, prioritizing the quality of education for all. This commitment extends to diverse learning needs, encompassing exam preparation for IELTS, language acquisition in various tongues, and specialized programs for business communication, i.e., Business English. Recognizing the unique potential of every child, Ziyyara is actively developing initiatives to empower students with unique abilities. 

How did your experiences aid in founding Ziyyara inside the EdTech industry? How have things gone so far on your journey?

Ziyyara’s passion for teaching and witnessing the limitations of traditional classrooms fueled the creation of Ziyyara. Recognizing the need for personalized learning and addressing geographical barriers motivated the development of a platform offering flexible and accessible education. Ziyyara’s growth from bootstrapping to profitability with a growing student base (over 5,000) reflects the success of our mission.

How does Ziyyara ensure quality and consistency for tutors across a potentially global network?

Ziyyara uses several strategies to guarantee the caliber of its tutors:

  • Selection process: Tutors undergo written and oral interviews to assess their subject matter expertise and teaching skills.
  • Matching: Ziyyara matches students with tutors based on qualifications, experience, and teaching styles.
  • Communication: Regular parent-tutor communication fosters transparency and allows for addressing any concerns.
  • Feedback: Student and parent feedback helps Ziyyara monitor tutor performance and make adjustments if needed.
  1. How does Ziyyara’s platform facilitate effective communication between students, tutors, and parents?

Ziyyara prioritizes communication through various features:

  • Real-time communication tools: The platform allows for interactive communication during online classes.
  • Quarterly parent-tutor meetings: These meetings ensure parents are informed about their child’s progress and can discuss any concerns with the tutor.
  • Dedicated coordinators: Coordinators provide additional support and act as a communication channel between all parties.

What distinguishes Ziyyara’s online tutoring services from conventional tuition?

Ziyyara goes beyond the limitations of traditional tutoring by offering a truly personalized educational experience. One-on-one classes ensure an in-depth focus on individual learning styles and needs. Students can schedule classes conveniently, while online delivery breaks down geographical barriers, making high-quality education accessible to a global audience. Ziyyara’s curriculum support is adaptable, catering to students who need help with specific questions or comprehensive subject coverage. Regular communication between parents, tutors, and students fosters transparency and a collaborative learning environment.

How do you see artificial intelligence impacting the future of online learning experiences at Ziyyara?

The company anticipates AI’s role in personalizing learning experiences. They might integrate AI for: 

Recognizing the potential of AI to personalize learning, Ziyyara is exploring its integration for several purposes. AI could analyze student performance to suggest customized learning paths, ensuring each student progresses on a tailored journey. Additionally, AI-powered platforms could dynamically adjust content difficulty and pace based on a student’s understanding, creating an adaptive learning experience. Furthermore, AI might provide students instant feedback on their work, accelerating their learning and progress.

Ziyyara emphasizes accessibility. Beyond online learning, are there any plans to explore additional access points, such as mobile apps?

Ziyyara is focusing on accessibility, suggesting an interest in expanding access points. Developing a mobile app would be a natural progression, allowing students to access learning materials and connect with tutors on the go. But for now, our ultimate goal is to provide students with one-on-one communication with utmost dedication. This would further enhance flexibility and cater to the different needs of students with varying learning preferences.

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