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Revolutionizing Retail: The Emergence of Blucart’s Omni-Channel Marketplace

After leading the home care products segment for the past 40 years, Sunny Home Care is diversifying itself into IT, Education, and Hospitality sector. Sunny Group has recently launched their B2C marketplace Bluecart.

Mr. Bhushan Pandey, Founder of Blucart

Blucart serves as a primary online marketplace, intending to connect the local businesses with the customers, forming a vital bridge between them. It operates as a platform empowering the local businesses to expand their outreach by adopting a hybrid model, transforming their businesses into an OmniChannel setup.

Various small-scale establishments such as restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, sweet shops, dairy, bakery, among others, have the opportunity to register on Blucart. By uploading their products onto the Blucart Platform these businesses can effortlessly establish their online presence & create their online stores in just a few simple steps.

Customers can save time by fulfilling all their needs on a single platform, Blucart, instead of visiting multiple apps. During the pilot phase, Blucart has successfully onboarded more than 250 sellers, attracted over a lakh of registered customers within a specific area in Mumbai.

The Blucart team intends to expand its operations across Mumbai gradually and subsequently into other cities. The Blucart team offers comprehensive support and training for navigating and utilizing the platform, both from web and through the app.

Sellers are responsible for managing products, pricing, discounts, deliveries & collect payments, ensuring top-notch service for their esteemed customers. Sellers can access these services by paying a nominal subscription fee, payable quarterly or monthly.

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