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Relsus Empowers India’s Plant-based Protein Industry

On the eve of Fi Europe 2023, Relsus, a Singapore based food technology company specializing in plant-based protein concentrates and isolates, proudly announces the official launch of its premium range of plant-based protein powders in India. Pioneering a transformative step forward, Relsus is introducing high-quality, sustainably produced plant-based proteins manufactured in India using locally sourced raw materials. This initiative not only addresses the critical protein deficiency affecting 70% of Indians but also contributes to global efforts to combat climate change by reducing the food industrys carbon footprint.

Relsus launches premium plant-based proteins in India

With over one hundred plus start-ups in India focusing on plant-based food and beverage options, who mainly depend upon imported protein powders, and often face inconsistent qualities. Relsuss launch is a significant step towards reducing dependency on protein powder imports by producing high quality products in India, and supporting local farmers, thereby boosting incomes, and creating job opportunities within India. The companys dedication to empowering Indian and international food companies aligns with its vision to bring India and Southeast Asia to the forefront of the global plant-based food and beverage supply chains.

Relsus distinguishes itself by partnering with key agricultural research institutions and farmers for cultivating non-GMO crops like Chickpea, Mung Bean, Green Pea, and Rapeseed through organic farming practices. These crops serve as the foundation for Relsuss top-tier plant-based protein offerings. Relsus’ proprietary technology brings consistency in the production of high-quality protein powders without the usage of harmful chemicals and solvents, contributing to its commitment to Reliability and Sustainability.

Founder and CEO Vineet Singhal emphasized the importance of the product launch, stating, “With the launch of Relsus’ range of high quality, and scalable plant-based protein powders, we are committing ourselves to empower local and global FMCG and Plant Based Food & Beverage companies to make healthier options more easily accessible to consumers in many different forms. We believe India can play the role of a catalyst in the journey of global protein transition, to meet the challenges of climate change.

The global food industry, responsible for 34% of greenhouse gas emissions, faces an urgent need for sustainable alternatives to feed the growing population projected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050. Relsus acknowledges the dual challenges of protein deficiency and environmental impact and is dedicated to offering scalable solutions through plant-based proteins and specialty starches.

Further, as the global trend of veganism grows, with approximately five hundred million vegetarians and five million strict vegans in India as of 2020 with the trend expected to exhibit a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.32% during 2022-2027, Relsus is strategically positioned to capitalize on this shift. The launch includes products such as ChanaTein™ Chickpea Protein Concentrate, MungPro™ Mung Bean Protein Isolate, PeaTein™ Pea Protein Concentrate, CanoTein™ Rapeseed Protein Isolate designed to revolutionize various applications in the food and beverage industry.

Relsus invites everyone, especially the quality, and sustainability conscious Food & Beverage companies, to join its mission to help people live “Healthy Lives on a Healthier Planet“. This launch marks a transformative moment in the plant-based protein industry, setting the stage for a sustainable nutritional transformation with global implications.

About Relsus

Relsus” stands for Reliability (Rel) & Sustainability (Sus), both of which are central to the DNA of Relsus. We refer to Reliability & Sustainability with a wider definition to include corporate responsibility towards all stakeholders including society, employees, planet, suppliers, and customers. We believe that an honest, transparent, and people & planet respecting culture is key to long term success of any company. Relsus was founded by a highly qualified team having over 120 years of combined experience at senior positions in top multinational companies including producing active pharmaceutical ingredients based on fermentation, enzymatic & chemical processes and branding, marketing & selling products in global markets.

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