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MPAAS, a Game-Changing Tech Platform Launched in Pune to Revolutionize Manufacturing Services Segment

Punes manufacturing sector is on the verge of a remarkable transformation with the launch of MPAAS innovative technology platform. With a focus on making things easier and more efficient, MPAAS is set to redefine how things are made in Pune and beyond.

MPAAS Founders & Team at the Successful Soft Launch Event in Pune

Empowering Punes Manufacturers and Vendors

Mr. Akshay Singh, CEO of MPAAS, shared, “Were excited to introduce MPAAS to Pune, a city with a rich history of making things. Our platform is here to change the way things are made, bringing the future of digital solutions to local industries across India. Were dedicated to making things run smoothly, fostering teamwork, and helping manufacturers and vendors.”

Unveiling the Successes of MPAAS Soft Launch in Pune

At a recent soft launch event in Pune, MPAAS achieved tremendous success, drawing over 100 attendees. The event provided insights into the companys visionary founders, their ground-breaking technology, and the bright future of manufacturing in Pune. To the delight of attendees, MPAAS also announced a complimentary one-year subscription for the first 50 onboarded vendors, offering a first-hand experience of the platforms immense benefits.

MPAAS boasts a dynamic leadership team and visionary co-founders dedicated to catapulting this innovative product to international acclaim in the coming years. Their commitment and expertise underscore the companys potential for global growth and impact.

Changing How We Do Engineering

MPAAS tech platform is changing the game in engineering. Whether its inspecting things, testing them, designing new stuff, figuring out how things were made, or using 3D printing, MPAAS is making it easier to get these jobs done. Theyve built a special tool that lets vendors bid on the posted jobs by manufacturers. The manufacturers will get the best deal on getting things made at the same time it gives opportunity to the vendors for elevating their business MPAAS wants people to have access to great engineering.


MPAAS is a pioneering technology company on a mission to reshape the manufacturing landscape with its innovative platform. By offering advanced digital solutions, MPAAS empowers manufacturers and vendors to enhance efficiency, foster collaboration, and drive productivity, ultimately shaping the future of manufacturing.

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