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Leisure Company ILC (International Leisure Consultants) Inks MoU with Kairali Wellness Center

MoU signed with intent to revolutionize the wellness and hospitality industry in India and globally and provide elevated guest experiences

ILC to assist Kairali in providing ‘Acres of Happiness’ and ‘Healing Desa’ to its clientele

ILC targeting both national (Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Goa, Gujrat, Bangalore) and international locations (Europe and Africa)

Leisure consulting company ILC Services has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with wellness company Kairali, so as to provide elevated experiences with a blend of hospitality and wellness to its clients. While originally focusing on consumers in the (55-75) age bracket, the partnership aims to appeal to the younger generation between (35-50) years of age, which has shown a growing interest in the importance of maintaining the holistic wellbeing of oneself. As part of the MoU, ILC Services shall be targeting locations in India (in Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Goa, Gujrat, Bangalore.) and select locations abroad (Europe and Africa).

The joint understanding established intends to develop and execute projects in the Indian subcontinent with a commitment to work exclusively together in the region thereby reinforcing ILC’s long-term vision for a robust and impactful collaboration.

By integrating Kairalis profound Ayurvedic wisdom with ILCs contemporary hospitality and business acumen, the alliance aspires to introduce innovative offerings, the combined effort of which is set to redefine the customer experience in the wellness industry, delivering holistic, authentic, and tailored experiences for all age groups.

Expressing his delight at the successful collaboration, Mr. Navneet Nagpal, Principal Consultant, Spectra Hospitality Services said, “Recognizing the profound shift in global health consciousness, especially during and post-pandemic, we at ILC India are absolutely delighted at the opportunity to redefine hospitality and wellness tourism in India with Kairali. In keeping with the same, we aim to employ cutting-edge technologies and digital platforms to promote Kairali’s innovative offering. By tapping into the latest marketing trends, we intend to enhance brand visibility and engagement; and with our augmented reality and virtual reality facility tours we integrate AI-powered wellness assessments and data analytics for our guests, to customize wellness programs tailored to our customers’ needs. While we strive for innovation, we aim at delivering a blended customer experience of tradition and modernity. We are elated at the opportunity to contribute in redefining India’s hospitality and wellness industry and we look forward to more such opportunities in the near future.”

Recognizing the importance of a wholesome environment, ILC is investing in properties that prioritize space, luxury, and a serene green atmosphere with its strategies focusing on holistic wellness retreats offering not only ayurvedic treatments but also activities promoting mental, emotional, and social well-being of consumers.

ILC Services plans to bring its extensive knowledge from the hospitality industry by providing crucial inputs related to hospitality consulting, which encompasses market research, feasibility studies, concept development, project management, and operational guidance among others, whereas Kairali brings over a centurys expertise in Ayurveda and holistic wellness.

About ILC

Leisure Company ILC Services is a joint venture between Spectra Hospitality Services and ILC Hong Kong ( A private company owned by its executive directors headquartered in Hong Kong, International Leisure Consultants (ILC) has active projects in Hong Kong, China, Macau, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and a growing client list.

ILC has recently completed initial assignments in South Africa and Dubai for developers and project investors and its office expansion has also led to the set-up of a JV firm in India in 2000, Singapore in 2001 and newly associated companies in China and South Africa.

We have established core competencies in the areas of strategic business planning, market research and feasibility studies, technical and pre-opening services, master planning support services and management advisory services, project development and redevelopment, concept development and positioning, marketing and sales and club management.

A full-service leisure company, ILC mainly provides leisure consultancy services that also includes management and marketing services for Clubs, Leisure projects, Resorts and mixed-use Developments. Our team of expertise covers sports clubs, golf clubs, country clubs, marina clubs, fitness and health clubs (in both stand-alone and premium hotels), business clubs, health spas, premium residential clubs, resorts and leisure complexes, retreats, conference and exhibition centers and tourism assignments.

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