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KreedOn’s Journey to Empower Indian Sports

Introducing Mr Prateek Goyal, CEO of KreedOn, a platform dedicated to transforming Indian sports. With a deep-rooted commitment to equality and recognition, Mr Goyal spearheads KreedOn’s mission to empower athletes nationwide. Inspired by Usain Bolt’s ethos of perseverance, KreedOn has emerged as a beacon of hope in the sporting arena, navigating challenges with strength and determination.

He adds that at KreedOn, “our journey is fueled by the belief that every athlete deserves an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of background or gender. Through our innovative initiatives and engaging content, we strive to bridge the gap between cricket and non-cricket sports, ensuring that every sport and athlete receives the recognition they deserve. With a focus on inclusivity and excellence, we continue to champion the stories and achievements of athletes from all walks of life”.

KreedOn has become a trusted platform for sports enthusiasts and athletes, driving India to its rightful place as a leading sporting nation. 

Behind KreedOn’s inception, a deep-rooted conviction has undoubtedly existed that it would address the challenges related to recognition and sustainability faced by Indian sports stakeholders. Could you provide further insights into this profound motivation?

Absolutely, when we started KreedOn in 2016, it was a time of reflection following the Olympics, where India secured just one medal. This stark reality made us question why a country with a population of over 1.4 billion couldn’t capitalize on its immense talent pool to excel in global sports.

Through extensive research and conversations within the sports industry, we discovered many issues plaguing Indian sports. The ecosystem seemed tangled in a web of challenges, from bureaucratic levels to infrastructural deficiencies. However, amidst this complexity, one core problem stood out – the lack of recognition for athletes. Athletes were largely unrecognizable and couldn’t get the attention or resources they needed to become world-class. They failed to capture sponsors’ attention and funding, damaging their chances of high-quality training, nutrition, and equipment. This vicious circle intensified the attitude of negligence in non-cricket sports. This system of systemic neglect eventually aggravated the issue.

KreedOn emerged as India’s first AI-powered fan engagement platform showcasing Indian athletes’ stories, achievements, and struggles. We sought to bridge the gap between athletes and the wider audience through compelling narratives and comprehensive coverage. We aimed to raise awareness and attract investment and support for deserving athletes across various disciplines.

Our mission was clear—to empower Indian sports by giving athletes the recognition and visibility they deserved. By doing so, we envisioned a future where every talented individual, regardless of background or sport, could thrive and represent India globally. This vision continues to drive us forward, and KreedOn emerged as the Voice of Indian sports.

Without a shred of uncertainty, India’s status as a cricketing nation is indisputable, accompanied by an unparalleled and indescribable fan following. With this in mind, could you elaborate on the hurdles you’ve encountered in your efforts to promote non-cricketing sports and sports entities in India?

Promoting non-cricketing sports and sports entities in India has been a journey fraught with hurdles. Cricket’s undeniable dominance in the Indian sporting landscape, fueled by legendary figures like Mohinder Amarnath, Kapil Dev, and Sachin Tendulkar, has made cricket a religion for people. The storied successes of these cricketing icons captured the hearts and imaginations of millions, leading to a surge in popularity and resources for the sport. However, the same level of exposure and support has not been for non-cricketing sports and athletes.

One of the primary hurdles KreedOn encountered in efforts to promote non-cricketing sports was the entrenched mindset of the Indian populace. Generations grew up idolizing cricketers. Breaking through this cricket-centric mindset and attracting attention for other sports required a concerted effort to shift perceptions and highlight the achievements of athletes across diverse disciplines. Furthermore, the unorganized sports industry posed significant challenges in identifying and accessing the right resources for athletes and sports entities. 

The COVID-19 pandemic added another challenge, halting sports for an extended period. The absence of live events and competitions disrupted the momentum gained in promoting non-cricketing sports and posed existential threats to many sports entities.

However, we always tried our best. We adopted innovative strategies like providing engaging content tailored to diverse sporting interests. We aimed to captivate audiences and broaden their horizons beyond cricket. Additionally, KreedOn initiatives, such as rewarding sports fans for consuming content on KreedOn, are incentives to drive greater engagement and support for non-cricketing sports. While the journey to elevate non-cricketing sports in India may be challenging, the resilience and determination of athletes inspire us to continue our efforts.

To add to the previous question, could you explain the measures implemented by KreedOn to guarantee that athletes from marginalized or underrepresented communities are provided equitable opportunities and support?

At KreedOn, our commitment to equality extends to all athletes, regardless of their background or level of recognition. We firmly believe in providing equitable opportunities and support to athletes from marginalized or underrepresented communities. This means that we do not differentiate between famous athletes and those who may not have received the same level of recognition. Every athlete is treated with the same level of respect and support.

In our efforts to reach athletes from all corners of the country, we leverage the power of digital media and the internet. Recognizing that even remote areas now have access to the internet, we ensure that our content is accessible to everyone. KreedOn also provides media solutions including display advertising, native articles/ads, sports news takeover, branded content, social media promotions, sports influencer marketing, fan engagement activities, sports PR, and lead generation/sales support. The company collaborates with various network partners and has worked with numerous brands, athletes, and events, showcasing impressive results and a wide range of capabilities

The digital medium has provided a powerful tool to reach even the most remote communities, ensuring no athlete is left behind. Through our inclusive approach and dedication to providing resources and support, we work to create a level playing field for all athletes, enabling them to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

While KreedOn’s efforts to support sports federations and athletes in nurturing budding talent are noteworthy, what measures has the organization taken to address the gender gap in sports and support female athletes in India?

At KreedOn, we believe in the power of sports to unite people, transcending gender barriers. Our commitment to equality extends to all athletes, and we actively engage with female athletes to ensure their voices are heard. While there may be disparities in the viewership of male and female sports leagues, such as IPL and WPL, we strive to bridge this gap by spotlighting women’s sports. Through our various social media platforms like X, Facebook, and Instagram, we promote content showcasing female athletes’ diversity and excellence, encouraging a broader audience to engage with their stories.  Moreover, we recognize the growing interest in athletes’ lifestyles beyond their performance on the field. People want to know about their favorite athletes’ daily routines, diets, and training regimens. To meet this demand, we provide insightful content that delves into athletes’ personal and professional lives, including their fashion choices, dietary habits, and workout routines. By offering a holistic view of athletes’ lives, we aim to attract a broader audience and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the dedication and hard work that goes into sports. Through these initiatives, we continue to redefine the Indian sports landscape and elevate India’s stature as a leading sporting nation.

As we wrap up, reflecting on your journey thus far, what professional and personal achievements or milestones stand out as your proudest accomplishments?

Looking back on my journey with KreedOn, I am immensely proud of our professional achievements. Despite the challenges, we’ve persevered and thrived, especially during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. While many businesses faced collapse, KreedOn survived and continued to grow. On a personal level, this journey has been transformative. I’ve undergone significant growth, both professionally and personally. My thought process and approach to problem-solving have matured, allowing me to tackle challenges with a broader perspective and greater confidence. Through this experience, I’ve become more composed and resilient, equipped to navigate business uncertainties gracefully.  Moreover, I take immense pride in the culture we’ve cultivated at KreedOn – one of collaboration, dedication, and passion. Our team shares a common goal and puts their heart and soul into their work, driving us toward our shared vision of revolutionising the sports industry. With such remarkable individuals by our side, I am confident that KreedOn will continue to make waves and leave a lasting impact on the sports landscape.

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