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“Holy Ayodhya” App by ShopClues has Experienced a Rapid Increase in its Network, Receiving 100+ Bookings within 5 Days

ShopClues is all geared up and excited for the landmark event of the year – the inauguration of the Ram Mandir. Experience the epitome of trust and quality with our Govt. Affiliated Home Stay app – Holy Ayodhya. ShopClues is a proud official tech partner of the Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA). Weve created the best deals for your stress-free Ayodhya Visit. Now, your comfortable stay is just a tap away!

Mr. Anuraag Gambhir, MD ShopClues – proud official tech partner of the Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA)

ShopClues recently launched the Holy Ayodhya application, a collaboration between the Ayodhya Development Authority and, with the aim of redefining travel experiences for pilgrims and visitors seeking spiritual and cultural enrichment in this divine land. The occasion was graced by the Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Yogi Adityanath, who launched the Holy Ayodhya application.

Since its inception, there has been a rapid increase in its network, now granting access to approximately 250 homestay properties, collectively offering over 1200 rooms. During the first 5 days of January 2024 app, weve secured around 100 bookings, signaling an encouraging start, offering convenience and easy access to customers. With the inauguration of the Ram Mandir scheduled for this month, we foresee a significant surge in travel to Ayodhya from every corner of the nation. Forecasts indicate a doubling in the daily footfall to Ayodhya in the upcoming months.

Holy Ayodhya” aims to become the ultimate application for pilgrims, offering a platform to discover budget-friendly homestays. Homestays, as cultural ambassadors, play a pivotal role in spreading the essence of the region. Through “Holy Ayodhya”, visitors will be able to find affordable accommodation and assist them in delving into the rich culture of Ayodhya. They can savor authentic Awadhi delicacies like the renowned Awadhi Thali, among other regional delights, during their stay.

By December 2024, our platform aims to expand to include approximately 1000 homestay properties, significantly broadening the spectrum of budget-friendly accommodation options for visitors.

Key Features of “Holy Ayodhya” Platform

Accessible across devices: Seamlessly accessible through desktop sites, Android, and iOS apps, ensuring convenience for users regardless of their preferred platform.

Expanding Offerings: Stay tuned for exclusive Ayodhya-specific information and tailored merchandise, celebrating the unique essence of this sacred city.

Upcoming Features of in the pipeline: the integration of cab services and event bookings, enhancing the overall visitor experience and convenience.

Mr. Anuraag Gambhir, MD ShopClues, said, “Everyone in the country is excited about the inauguration of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Our app has gained a lot of popularity ever since it has been launched, and with the new developments taking place at Ayodhya, we are even more excited and looking forward to a further surge in the number of bookings. We are glad to be able to contribute to this cultural and digital transformation, offering users a deeper connection to the heart of Ayodhya.”

About ShopClues

ShopClues, founded in 2011, is an online marketplace that strives to provide a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience by offering a wide range of products across various categories.

In 2019, Qoo10, one of the worlds largest online marketplaces, acquired ShopClues with the aim of making Brand India available to consumers in Southeast Asia and bringing their products to Indian consumers. This acquisition aligned with Qoo10s vision of connecting diverse buyers and sellers worldwide and enhancing life through secure, enjoyable, and convenient shopping.

To continue catering to budget-conscious customers in Tier II and Tier III cities, ShopClues introduced a dedicated section within their platform known as “ShopClues Bazaar“. This section follows the traditional ShopClues model and focuses on offering budget-friendly products that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Tier II and III markets.

For more information, you can visit the official website of ShopClues –

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