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Government Started Rolling Around 500 Use Case Labs Across the Country: A. Robert Jerard Ravi, DDG (Standards – R&D Innovation), DoT, Ministry of Communications

Bharat 5G Mission 2024, organised by Bharat Exhibitions, marked a significant leap forward in Indias telecommunications landscape, promising to bridge the digital divide and empower rural and suburban communities with high-speed connectivity. The mission, aimed at deploying end-to-end Carrier Grade Solutions, ensures a seamless experience from Radio Access Network (RAN) to Transmitter (Tx) to Core network equipment.

Shashi Dharan, MD, Bharat Exhibitions, C.S Rao, Chairman, QuadGen, RK Pathak, DG, Bharat 6G Alliance, A. Robert J. Ravi, DDG (S-R-I), DoT, Tri Hoang, Chairman, Ai20x, Nguyen Tien Long, Head of Sales, VHT

The conference held on the 9th of January at the Le-Meridian, New Delhi, was focussed on accomplishing this very objective of reliable, affordable, and always available 5G broadband services to rural and sub-urban segments of India. The Bharat 5G Mission event was focussed on the articulation of the techno-commercial value of the available end to end industry standard 5G solutions to cater to Rural 5G broadband & 5G Private Networks for manufacturing, agriculture, university campus, mining & transportation sectors.

“From the government side, we are coming out with different policies and enabling policies. We recently started rolling around 100 5G use-case labs across the country. These labs could be slowly expanded into what we call ecosystem labs,” said Shri A. Robert Jerard Ravi, DDG (Standards – R&D Innovation, DoT, Ministry of Communications.

By 2026, we might have a lot of product line in place The other growth area that we are looking at is small captive networks of non-public networks, that is also growing in a big way – like mining. What is the effect There we will see a sensing communication network. That will be the steppingstone for 6G sensing networks,” he further added.

The driving force behind Bharat 5G Mission was the commitment to provide affordable 5G services without compromising on the Quality of Experience (QoE) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) norms. This visionary initiative recognizes the importance of inclusive digital access, especially in rural and suburban areas, and strives to make advanced connectivity accessible to all.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with Viettel High Tech (VHT) and Ai20X. This partnership represents a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation to our customers. Together, we will shape the future of 5G/4G Telco Product & Services Portfolio,” said Dr C.S. Rao Chairman & Co-founder of QuadGen.

The missions core focus is on deploying state-of-the-art technology across the entire spectrum, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity. The end-to-end solutions not only promise blazing fast internet speeds but also aim to address the unique challenges of rural and suburban landscapes.

“Viettel High Tech is thrilled to join forces with QuadGen and Ai20X. This partnership aligns with our vision to continuously evolve and provide Telecom Equipment Products & Solutions. Together, we will create a winning combination that benefits our customers and stakeholders,” said Nguyen Tien Long, Head of Global Sales, VHT.

A key highlight of Bharat 5G Mission 2024 is its emphasis on affordability. The mission seeks to make 5G services accessible to the masses by providing cost-effective solutions. This includes a strategic pricing model for equipment and services, making it economically viable for the Rural and Sub-Urban strata of the subscriber landscape.

“Ai20X is proud of being part of the QuadGen and Viettel partnership that brings innovations to communication infrastructure and services. Ai20X plans to help elevate this partnership not only for delivering innovative solutions, but also bringing in additional partners and extending the services to other markets,” said Tri Hoang, Chairman and CEO of Ai20X.

The event witnessed industry leaders, policymakers, and technology experts coming together to applaud this bold initiative. As India prepares to embrace the era of 5G, Bharat 5G Mission 2024 stands as a testament to the nations commitment to technological inclusivity and ensuring that every citizen can reap the benefits of a connected and empowered future.

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