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Empowering students: Exclusive insights on international education from American Colleges President

International studies open doors to diverse opportunities for students worldwide, with Canada and the USA standing as prominent destinations. As students navigate the complexities of applying to courses in these countries, understanding recent policy changes and accessing reliable guidance become paramount. Join us as we explore the evolving landscape of international education, with insights from Mr. Patriek Karayil, President of American Colleges, shedding light on essential considerations and empowering students to make informed choices.

As policy changes in Canada often affect students, how will American Colleges help students navigate these changes?

The Canadian government has introduced significant policy changes affecting international students. First, there is now a cap on international student applications, setting the number for 2024 at 606,250, which will likely reduce new student visa approvals by 35% compared to 2023, with allocations based on provincial populations. Second, students must now obtain a letter of attestation from their province, adding a new layer to the visa application process; however, certain groups like primary and secondary school students, master’s or doctoral degree students, and existing permit holders are exempt from this requirement. Third, changes to Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) eligibility now exclude new enrollees in public-private partnership college programs from obtaining PGWPs, aiming to address concerns over educational quality. Lastly, eligibility criteria for open work permits for spouses of international students have been tightened and are now restricted primarily to those enrolled in graduate or professional degree programs.

These changes reflect Canada’s efforts to manage its international student population while maintaining educational standards. American Colleges can assist students in navigating the recent policy changes in Canada by offering updated guidance. We demystify the new cap on international student applications and the attestation letter requirement through detailed informational resources.

Additionally, we will provide specialized advice on maintaining eligibility for the Post-Graduation Work Permit, particularly in light of changes affecting students in public-private partnership programs. For those affected by the altered work permit rules for spouses, we explain the alternatives to manage the impact. By continuously monitoring and responding to policy updates, American Colleges ensures students are well-prepared and informed, making their transition smoother and their study abroad experience in Canada successful.

What are some challenges and opportunities students face when applying to colleges in the U.S.?

Students applying to U.S. colleges face challenges like navigating complex application processes, standardized testing requirements, financial aid options, and visa procedures. However, this also presents opportunities to explore a diverse range of universities, scholarship options, and potential career paths in the U.S. American Colleges empower students by providing free resources, workshops, and personalized counseling to address these challenges and maximize their chances of success in these five categories 

When applying to colleges in the United States, international students encounter various challenges and opportunities:

Navigating the Admission Process: The U.S. college admission process can be complex, involving standardized tests, essays, letters of recommendation, and sometimes interviews.

Financial Burden: The high cost of tuition, living expenses, and the currency exchange rate can pose significant financial challenges.

Research and Internship Opportunities: Many U.S. colleges provide outstanding research facilities and internship opportunities, allowing students to gain practical experience and build resumes.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: While competitive, scholarships and financial aid options are available specifically for international students.

Visa Regulations and Approval: Securing a student visa involves navigating U.S. immigration policies, which can be daunting and time-consuming

Your website talks about “masterclasses”. What are these masterclasses, and how can they help students?

Our masterclasses are in-depth, comprehensive courses on everything one needs to know to apply for a bachelor’s or Master’s in the U.S. and to get a U.S. student visa successfully. They cover various topics like navigating standardized tests, crafting compelling application essays, securing financial aid, and understanding visa procedures. These specialized sessions provide students with valuable insights and practical guidance beyond the social media resources that we put out.

American Colleges operates as a non-profit, prioritizing student needs over generating revenue. How do American Colleges generate revenue?

American Colleges don’t generate revenue. It is a cost center for the American Education Board and will likely continue as such for several years. We prioritize providing free, unbiased resources to empower students. While the core service remains free, we offer a limited number of specialized masterclasses at a small cost to ensure that students perceive value in these offerings. 

As the President of American Colleges, what significant achievements have American Colleges reached under your leadership?

One of our key achievements is establishing a strong collaboration with the American Education Board. This partnership provides invaluable insights into university policies and visa regulations, allowing us to offer students the most up-to-date and accurate guidance. Our commitment to unbiased advice and student success has positioned American Colleges as a trusted resource for international students.

Can you elaborate on the future vision of your organization? How do you see American Colleges evolving and continuing to empower students in the years to come?

American Colleges envisions itself at the forefront of international education guidance by:

  • Expanding its digital presence: Leveraging technology to create a robust online platform with interactive resources, webinars, and personalized guidance tools.
  • Enhancing content offerings: Developing a comprehensive library of educational content, including video lectures and downloadable guides, addressing the specific needs of international students throughout their academic journey.
  • Fostering global collaborations: Building strong partnerships with educational institutions worldwide to offer students a diverse range of study abroad options and cultural exchange experiences.
  • Maintaining affordability and accessibility: While some specialized resources may have minimal charges, the core principle of providing free, unbiased guidance will remain steadfast.

For more information about American Colleges and their services, visit their website: https://american-colleges.com

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