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embedUR Picks Chennai to Invest INR 500 Crores

embedUR systems, the leading player in the embedded systems industry has unveiled its plans to ramp-up its presence in India. The US headquartered organisation, with presence in Chennai has committed to invest INR 500 crores over the course of next 5 years.

Founded in 2004, embedUR is an expert in embedded technology and a leader in providing bespoke solutions to a diverse clientele, including Fortune 500 clients across industries. The organization is well-known for its expertise in providing turn-key connectivity products and solutions that facilitate faster market entry and improved margins for its clients. Currently, embedUR’s technology is deployed in millions of embedded devices across the globe.

The embedded systems market is expected to grow multi-fold in the coming years, due to the consistent advancement in technology and increasing sales of smart devices, wearable and automation of the industrial sector.

Specifically, the markets in India and Asia are expected grow exponentially due to affordability, wide-scale utilization of the electronic components and the increasing adoption of connected technologies across various sectors such as automobiles, consumer electronics, healthcare etc.

Through this strategic investment in India, embedUR plans to support organizations across industries and help them bring cost-effective solutions to their customers. In addition, the company will also focus on serving the growing Asian markets from India.

As the first phase, embedUR will invest INR 100 crores in 2024 towards strengthening its expertise in new technologies such as AI, Edge Computing, developing the infrastructure, accelerating innovation, expanding market outreach and increasing head count with Chennai as the focal point.

Rajesh C Subramaniam, Founder & CEO, embedUR systems

Commenting on the organization’s India focus, Mr. Rajesh C Subramaniam, Founder & CEO, said, “With the evolution of new technologies such as Cloud/AI and increasing affordability of electronic components, we foresee an unprecedented demand for embedded technologies across industries. And for the organizations, the key winning strategy is not only to embed software into hardware, but also to enable continuous enhancement of the system’s real-time intelligence using the full potential of machine learning. At embedUR, we excel in doing this.

We have proved ourselves repeatedly in delivering complex solutions seamlessly at a rapid pace, enabling our clients to bring new technologies to the market quickly. We are extremely proud of the impact that our Indian engineering team has made so far to our global clientele. This investment of ours, will further strengthen our capabilities, allowing us to harness India’s incredible engineering talent pool to fuel innovation and future growth.

We strongly believe that Chennai’s strategic geographical positioning along with the availability of the vast engineering talent, provides it with an immense potential to develop into a Global Embedded Systems Hub and becoming a key player in providing cutting-edge embedded technologies and transforming industries across the world. We are confident that this investment in India along with our experience and expertise will place us at the top of this transformative future trend.”

Since entering India in 2008, embedUR has invested significantly in the country towards developing its presence and R&D capabilities. In the last two years alone, the organization has invested over INR 150 crores in the Chennai facility as part of its commitment towards the India growth focus.

Over the last few years, embedUR has made notable progress in onboarding Indian talent in product engineering and development. Today, the 350+ strong team at embedUR focuses on research and development and building turn-key embedded technology products and solutions to address complex connectivity needs of embedUR’s global clientele.

About embedUR

embedUR systems( is a leading embedded technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, with a presence in Chennai. Established in 2004, the company, through its expertise has enabled its customers to launch products and solutions and provide support across markets. In the last two decades, the company has grown to be partner-of-choice for many of its clients, enabling them to increase their product offerings and exceed their financial goals.

An expert in IoT, networking, cloud and AI, the company has leveraged its time-honed, bleeding-edge and unique capabilities to develop complex connectivity products and solutions across verticals including service provider, enterprise, industrial, medical, automotive, and more. embedURs solutions have been deployed in millions of devices across the world and benefit a global customer base that includes Fortune 500 companies.

As a self-funded organization, embedUR has sustained continuous annual growth and prides itself on its 100% client retention record. The company operates two R&D centers and a dedicated team of 350+ employees, facilitating faster market entry and improved margins for clients through their embedded technology prowess.

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