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Dastawezz, legal and professional services from the comfort of their homes

When hiring a lawyer for the first time, getting legal assistance can be stressful and complicated for entrepreneurs. A lawyer for a startup guides entrepreneurs through the early legal procedures needed to establish and expand their startup. This is where Dastawezz intends to provide legal assistance to entrepreneurs at every stage of their company journey.

The significant impact of COVID-19 might be remote work. The founder of Dastawezz, Shivanjali Malik, was inspired by this circumstance to build an online platform that can provide services that address the legal requirements of startups and established businesses. Dastawezz’s mission is to allow individuals and businesses to conveniently access all of their legal and professional needs from the comfort of their homes at those times.

Highly reputed law firms only handle cases from well-known corporations. Due to the hefty costs associated with the company name, many small businesses or newly formed startups were forced to go empty-handed. Even though many startups would prefer to hire a legal advisor promptly, it’s simply not feasible financially. Startup lawyers won’t be a major priority because they will already be balancing hiring, product development, and overhead expenses.

As startups cannot afford to hire in-house legal counsel or a full-time law firm, they usually rely on readily available templates that are not customized to meet their unique business needs. This frequently leads to non-compliance with certain regulations, lack of proper licenses, legal disputes amongst co-founders, etc.

Even if startups hire specific lawyers to handle the difficulties and challenges, they would still need to find a CA (Chartered Accountant) to handle the taxation aspects and a CS (Company Secretary) to handle the startup’s legal structure. The key problem is that India’s startup sector remains incredibly young. Traditional lawyers are relatively new to this field, leaving them with a limited number of professionals to choose from.

Entrepreneurs might have a multibillion-dollar concept, but if they don’t have access to legal help or expert knowledge, it could result in significant expenses. However, getting stuck in paperwork, legal requirements, and the cost of hiring a lawyer is simple. Fortunately, businesses don’t require expensive legal counsel to begin their operations. However, they do need to set down legal pillars that properly secure everything they are striving to achieve. Dastawezz is a platform to help emerging firms create, customize, sign, and manage the key legal contracts and documents a startup requires.

The founder of Dastawezz, Shivanjali Malik, began working for start-ups, doing pro bono work for them such as preparing various legal documents and offering legal advice while in law school. This helped her better understand their work culture, expectations, and objectives. She was learning and assisting start-ups, making their journey easier.

After graduating from National Law University and working in Tier 1 law firms, she uncovered a necessity in the market for startups. In contrast, only 1% of the requirements of these companies were being met by the top-tier law firms, which expected a lack of investment.

Dastawezz is a legal tech start-up founded in 2020. The company has a network of lawyers, CAs, and CS, and teamwork in various domains for startups and individuals, including IPR, compliances, documentation, litigation, advising and structuring various business models for different countries, providing personalized services, and so on. This facilitates startups to focus on their products and services while they handle all the hassles.

Dastawezz has assisted over 150 startups across 6-7 countries, including the US, UK, India, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, and others, in the fields of cryptocurrencies, fintech, edtech, skincare brands, gaming startups, and entertainment. Dastawezz transforms their lives easier by assisting them with the legal aspects of launching and expanding their businesses.

Dastawezz believes in educating young founders on legal concerns that many are unfamiliar with and offering legal help. With this in mind, they raise awareness through free events and webinars on various platforms. They host discussion sessions, speak with entrepreneurs directly, and have educated more than 1000+ founders on various legal subjects to simplify their entrepreneurial journey.

Every entrepreneur wants their business in safe hands, especially regarding legal problems. The Dastawezz team of startup lawyers provides legal expertise and business expertise gained from working with many businesses. Startup lawyer with the capability and mindset to fully commit to the business from its establishment to the day it hits the milestone. Working with the same advisors from the beginning can help save time and money, and the trust built through time is incredible.

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Amala Sree Murali
Amala Sree Murali
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