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Criteo launches video advertising solution in India

Criteo has announced the launch of a video advertising solution in India. With specific audiences, premium online video publishers with full-funnel management, and full-service support, Criteo’s video advertising solution enables marketers to measure their performance.

With the help of the Criteo shopper graph and the company’s core technology, the Criteo AI Engine, Criteo’s video advertising solution encourages brand awareness to purchase with relevant and interesting video ads, including OTT (Over-the-Top).

Marketers can choose between “Commerce Audience”, set manually, or “Similar Audience”, which is automated by Criteo AI Engine. Once the ad campaign has been optimized for in-stream, out-stream, and vertical video, Criteo AI Engine will deliver effective video campaigns to the targeted audience.

Using Criteo’s identity and buying path data enables marketers to engage with users from their initial video exposure through click and conversion. Combining Criteo’s video and performance solutions increases awareness and drive traffic through the branded display to relevant shoppers.

With access to top publishers across all platforms, channels, and formats, marketers will now be able to reach customers with video ads regardless of their video habits owing to Criteo’s commerce data, technology, and scale. In India, combining Criteo’s commerce data with audience-first solutions would help advertisers use video advertising to generate significant business results throughout the full-funnel purchasing journey.

Taranjeet Singh, managing director, SEA and India, Criteo, said, “We are very pleased to introduce the video advertising solution in India, which further solidifies Criteo’s presence as a commerce media company. Video has been considered as an awareness solution in the past, however, Criteo offers combined video advertising with performance capabilities, covering multiple touchpoints and leveraging audience-first ad solutions like in-stream and out-stream video, mobile app, web traffic, consideration, and retargeting. We look forward to further expanding and enriching our video capabilities in the future.”

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