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Chai Chun Introduces Bagan Bahar CTC Chai Packets, Unveiling the Essence of Tradition and Flavor at INDUS FOOD 2024

Chai Chun, a renowned name in the world of fine teas, is delighted to announce the debut of its Bagan Bahar CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) chai packets at INDUS FOOD 2024. Bagan Bahar will soon become synonymous with quality, offering classic and masala chai blends meticulously crafted by Chai Chuns expert Tea Master.

Chai Chun Introduces Bagan Bahar CTC Chai Packets

Bagan Bahar, positioned as the mid-range tea for every household, is perfect for daily consumption. The product bouquet includes classic and masala chai blends, each thoughtfully selected and expertly blended by our Tea Master. With a deep understanding of consumer emotions and preferences, the Master Blender at Chai Chun creates harmonious blends that captivate the senses, ensuring the perfect convergence of aroma and flavor.

Our Bagan Bahar CTC chai packets represent a true embodiment of Chai Chuns commitment to tradition and flavor. Crafted by our skilled Tea Masters, these blends offer a delightful experience that resonates with tea enthusiasts seeking the perfect balance of aroma and taste,” says Rajeev Baid, the visionary Founder of Chai Chun.

Bagan Bahar is available in various weight variations, catering to diverse preferences and ensuring that every household can indulge in the rich flavors of Chai Chuns CTC chai. Whether one enjoys the classic simplicity or the aromatic warmth of masala chai, Bagan Bahar promises a satisfying and consistent tea-drinking experience.

Following the unveiling at INDUS FOOD 2024, Bagan Bahar CTC chai packets will be made accessible at select retail stores and online platforms. Chai Chun invites tea lovers to embrace the tradition and flavor encapsulated in every cup of Bagan Bahar.

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About Chai Chun

Chai Chun is a distinguished purveyor of fine teas, committed to preserving cultural tea-drinking traditions. Since 2019, Chai Chuns Bagan Bahar has been a symbol of quality, offering classic and masala chai blends crafted by the expert hands of the Tea Master.

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