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BlueCircle Launches App for Green Jobs & Networking

BlueCircle, Indias professional networking platform for green sectors is pleased to announce the launch of its green jobs app. This innovative app boasts an extensive database of green jobs and talent, catering to professionals aspiring to build a career in diverse green sectors, such as E-Mobility, Renewable Energy, Water & Waste Management, Sustainability, Agriculture, Climate Tech, and Impact Funding.

BlueCircle is India’s Green Jobs & Learning App: Explore opportunities across sectors – E-Mobility, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Water & Waste Management, Agriculture and many more

The app stands out with its user-friendly interface and robust search and filter options, allowing users to customize their job search based on various criteria such as geography, sectors, experience type, companies, and remote/hybrid options. Candidates can efficiently navigate roles in sales, engineering, marketing, tech, legal, finance, and HR.

Dr. Tony Parmar, a BlueCircle Investor and Former MD & CEO of Albert David Ltd., emphasized the urgency of adapting to industry disruptions caused by climate change. “To address this, at least a 100 million people will need to acquire green skills and explore new career paths in this decade. BlueCircle is the go-to-platform for individuals navigating this transformative change,” he stated.

Professionals using the app can showcase their profiles, skills, and experience, engage in discussions, seek expert advice, and connect with industry professionals. It is currently free for both job-seeking professionals and hiring organizations, ensuring equal access to green career opportunities.

Green job listings are sourced from leading organizations such as Ather Energy, Renew Power, Hero Electric, Maruti Suzuki, Eaton, WWF, Volvo and many others.

After 6 years of interacting with thousands of our members through our forums and building product, we identified a significant demand for green jobs and opportunities. BlueCircle is already helping several recruiters reduce their turn around time to find relevant talent. In a world where environmental responsibility is crucial, our platform serves as a hub for individuals and organizations looking to make a positive impact,” remarked Siddharth Anand, Founder & CEO of BlueCircle.

BlueCircle is also recognized for hosting leadership conferences in sectors like E-Mobility (EVConIndia), Renewable Energy (REConIndia), Sustainability (NetZeroChiefs), and more. These conferences facilitate critical discussions and knowledge exchange among experts, positioning BlueCircle as a frontrunner across green sectors

Explore green job opportunities

by downloading the Android app from the Play Store

or by downloading the iOS app from the App Store

or by visiting the BlueCircle Website thebluecircle.co

Watch the full demo of the app: www.youtube.com/watchv=IykYaRMrMAc.

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