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A guide to Investwell: A boon to financial advisors

Founded in response to the challenges faced by financial advisors in the early 2000s, Investwell has evolved into an industry leader in supporting RIAs, IFAs & MFDs. 

The financial advisory landscape was fraught with challenges, necessitating a paradigm shift. Investwell recognized the need for simplified portfolio & client management. Born out of a commitment to simplify wealth management, Investwell embarked on a journey to leverage technology with insights from a dedicated team and financial experts turned clients. 

The goal was clear – provide effective solutions to financial advisors to cover all their needs.

Introducing Mint: One-stop solution for financial advisors

Investwell fulfils its mission with the help of its cloud-based solution: Mint.

It is a comprehensive platform designed for RIAs, IFAs, and MFDs. It is a full-stack solution for any wealth manager to automate data handling, portfolio management, client management, error reconciliation, report generation, and more. This automation reduces risks that have an impact on advisor efficiency, allowing them to focus on properly managing assets and balancing portfolios.

A Truly Digital Solution

Investwell Mint is a complete cloud-based mutual fund software for distributors and advisors. As a result, it may be accessed via web browsers on a wide range of devices and operating systems. It is also available on the Android and iOS app stores so that advisors can have quick access on their smartphones. As an additional service, Investwell also creates white-labeled custom mobile apps. They currently have 500+ such mobile apps on the Android and iOS App Stores.

Quantifying Success: Investwell in numbers

Investwell’s impact is not just measured in innovation; it’s also quantified by the growing community of financial advisors and the assets under their management (AUM). With a network of over 3,000+ MFDs & RIAs actively utilizing the platform, Investwell has become a cornerstone for financial professionals seeking efficiency and excellence. The total AUM managed through the platform has surged to an impressive 3 Lakh+ Crores, highlighting the trust placed in Investwell’s capabilities. 


Mint offers a suite of powerful features catering to every need of financial advisors:

Portfolio Management: Mint redefines portfolio management, offering advisors a powerful tool to organize and analyze client portfolios. This feature provides performance monitoring, and deep insights facilitating well-informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Intuitive Dashboards: Navigating through complex financial data becomes effortless with their platform’s intuitive dashboards. Designed for user-friendliness, these dashboards offer at-a-glance views of crucial information.

Easily Transact Online: Investwell empowers financial advisors with the ability to seamlessly transact on major exchanges: NSE, BSE, and MFU. Recognizing the dynamic nature of financial transactions, Investwell provides robust support for bulk orders as well.

Market Analysis: This includes evaluating top schemes, analyzing market data, and providing valuable information to inform investment decisions effectively.

Regulatory Compliance: Efficiently manage KYC, link Aadhar, and nominations, ensuring advisors navigate regulatory compliance.

Innovative Streaks and Industry Leadership

The history of Investwell is interwoven with layers of innovation. From groundbreaking features such as brokerage payout analysis to seamless multilateral exchange integration, Investwell consistently leads in technological innovation within the wealth management space. These innovations not only adapt but set industry standards, showcasing Investwell’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

What does the future look like?

Investwell remains focused on the future, aiming to extend its reach to P2P platforms, domestic stocks, and the US market. Scheduled integration with the NPS reflects Investwell’s commitment to constant change, adapting to the evolving demands of advisors and investors. As the financial landscape transforms, Investwell remains a driving force, ensuring a future where advisors and clients not only overcome challenges but thrive in a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Summing up, Investwell’s journey continues to be a beacon in the financial advisory landscape. It stands as a testament to the power of technological solutions in simplifying wealth management and driving positive change. As Investwell evolves, it remains a reliable source of software and a driving force behind improvements in wealth management. The commitment to innovation ensures that Investwell is not just part of the industry; it leads the way, setting new standards for excellence. Investwell is not just a solution—it’s a transformative partner for financial advisors.

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Amala Sree Murali
Amala Sree Murali
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